Since June, 16 of 2001, I'm keeping a daily weblog at Xanga.com. If you like you'll be able to follow my steps through life here. Due to my work, I'm online very often. So, when I see a funny or weird website I'm able to share it here with everyone. Also, my view on some daily issues and normal problems are found in my weblog. Also, being on holiday or away, with this weblog, I'm able to inform everyone at once, how I'm doing where I am... Have a look at: Guido.tk or www.xanga.com/guido.
Some of the webloggers I follow: Adam Curry / Merel / Puck / Tonie / Wim de Bie / le temps perdu / milov / mijn kop thee / Rik Mulder / Kottke. Some information about weblogging in Holland: www.weblogger.nl. Want to start blogging your self, choose for online with Xanga or Blogger, or install one of the following products Movabletype / Graymatter / Pivot.