2014-02-27 Matt L from England:
Can't find the 1996 Forti or 1997 Lola car liveries - do you have these available?
Guido: Unfortunately I don't have good images of the 1996 Forti or 1997 Lola cars. So, they are missing in the collection.

2014-02-23 Gerd H from Germany:
Hi Guido, I have just found a drawing of a Ferrari 312T5 from 1980 with the actual 1 on it. To which e-mail-address may I send it to you? As on your web-site thers's still one with 11 (i.e. 1979). Beste Gruesse, Gerd H.
Guido: Thank you for the images. Unfortunately they don't fit into my collection. But if I can find time, I will change the images so they'll fit one day ;-)

2014-02-08 Roy G from México:
Guido Congratulations, your site is great, gives me great pleasure, the follow. I appreciate your contribution to this valuable information. Receive a warm greeting from Rocky Point in Mexico.
Guido: Thank you!!

2013-10-18 autoblog quebec: F1 fans (and others too), you will be served!
(Amateurs de F1 (et les autres aussi), vous allez être servis!) You are bitten F1? Indeed, even if you're not, who do you love betting site we found for you. Fijen.net lists all the colors of all cars from all years of the Formula 1 championship, nothing less! Go ahead, treat yourself!
And tell us, by doing so, which is your favorite by copying the link to it in our comments section below!

2013-10-16 colla verglas: Illustrations of Formula 1 to be entertained for a while (Il·lustracions de Formula 1 per estar entretingut durant una estona) Yesterday I shared a link to Jalopnik spoke on a page where you will find every single seaters that throughout history have taken part in a Grand Prix Formula 1.If you have a good memory, because at the time I shared some of these illustrations. If I go back today to do this is because in this case the page where does all this stuff, the cars perfectly labeled and sorted by computers: from the big teams like Ferrari and Ferrari teams that hardly anyone recalls. Ideal to start messing and lose half an hour of your life. Via Guido

2013-10-13 AutoBlog.gr: The best colors of F1 (?? ?a??te??? ???µat?sµ?? t?? F1)
During the long history of F1 we have seen several cars that stand out for their coloring. Then follows a pinakasm containing all cars of each group per year. O table contains many rare cars like Fittipaldi FD-02 and the terrible Ferrari 1964, which was white.

2013-10-12 reddit.com: Full gallery of historical car Liveries by team, year, and world champion This is a very cool gallery. I just kept browsing the teams and drivers galleries for several minutes, just gazing upon the evolution. The difference in cars from the start and end of Graham Hill's career is quite remarkable.
That guy knows fuck all about F1 History.

2013-10-11 Jalopnik.com: The Best F1 Liveries Ever
Formula One cars have had some of the best paint schemes to ever grace an automobile. Which one is your favorite?P
I'm asking this question because Speedmonkey just pointed out that fijen.net has every F1 annual paint scheme for every team for every year that F1 has been around. Want to know what the 1975 Fittipaldi FD-02 looked like? Here it is, in all its rainbow awesome. Want to know what the 1964 Ferrari looked like? Here it is, and it ain't red.P There are a few missing schemes that only appeared at a few races (this mind-bendingly awesome 1976 Ligier-Matra springs to mind), but it's a good start.

2013-10-08 Speedmonkey: Every F1 car livery ever in one place I stumbled across this website recently. It shows the livery of every F1 car ever made, in side profile.
You can choose a team and it'll show you all the liveries from every car they've produced.
You can do the same with all F1 world champions. Just choose the champion and it'll show every car they ever drove.
Simple, neat, brilliant.

2013-10-20 Davide V from Switzerland:
Hi Guido, Do you print any posters of your f1 collection? Or is there a high res image of all ferrari f1 cars?
Guido: Sorry, no poster and no high resolution images available

2013-10-15 Manuel C from USA:
I believe that Alan Johnes drive a "Beatrice" wich I believe it was a Lola-Ford in 1986
Guido: Correct, I updated the page but have no proper image available of the Beatrice.

2013-10-15 Rod G from UK:
Hello Guido, Have you ever thought about the possibility of publishing your amazing material in book/or books form?
Kind regards, Rod G, Publisher (Member Guild of Motoring Writers)
Guido: Never considered that since I am not the creator of all the artwork, only the collector and creator of these pages.

2013-10-15 Kevin M from USA:
Just wanted to tell you that I like your F1 site, all the info in an easy to navigate format. My first GP was Watkins Glen 1971.
Several trips there in the 80's too and 4 or 5 to Montreal in the 90's.
Kevin p.s. I owned a '63 Volvo, enough steel in that car to make 3 Toyotas ! !
Guido: Thank you for your complinents. My first GP must have been in 1977 at Zandvoort.
I visited all the Dutch GPs untill 1985, when it was removed from the F1 calender.

2013-10-13 Garry M from Ireland:
can i get a hard copy of the Jordan cars in high res
Guido: Sorry, no high resolution images available

2013-10-12 Gareth Jones from UK:
Guido, I love your F1 guide, it's wonderful to see it layed out this way.
I can't see Simtek, MidlandF1 or Pacific in your list though - are you going to add them at some point?
Warm smiles, Gareth
Guido: Thank you, Midland will be added soon, you'll find their cars now under Spyker.
From Simtek and Pacific I am missing good artwork, so no pages about them.

2013-10-11 Ron F from Canada:
Great archival resource! Thank you so much for compiling this.
I was just a little disappointed not to see the Midland livery from 2006... Is there a reason that it was omitted?
Guido: Thank you, Midland will be added soon, you'll find their cars now under Spyker.

2013-06-12 Alexander F from Kazakhstan:
Hi Guido! I accidentally found a website where you can update the image F1 car for your collection.
I'm sorry, but the page shown in your pictures for the 2013 season is just awful.
Here's a link! Sorry for my bad English. I use online translator.
Guido: Thank you for the link. That will make life much easier in the future ;-)

2013-02-26 Matt from United Kingdom:
Hi. The entry for 1969 under 'world champions' is not the correct car.
It should be the MS80. The car shown is from 1971.
Guido: Thank you for your comments. I have updated the pages.

2012-12-23 Harry M from United Kingdom:
Do you have the Lola car from 1997 anywhere in your gallery?
Guido: No, sorry the Lola from 1997 is not there, no good artwork available.

2012-12-23 William J-S from England:
Hi, I must say how much I enjoy your work regarding F 1 very comprehensive.
I've been a fan for years and a particular fan of Jackie Stewart.
I don't wish to be pedantic but there are just a few inaccuracies regarding Jackie Stewart.
In the World Champions table for 1969 you have a picture of the Matra-Simca MS120B, when in fact he drove the Matra Ford-Cosworth MS080.
In the Jackie Stewart section he drove the March Ford-Cosworth 710 in 1970, not the Tyrrell Ford-Cosworth 003 and
in 1974 he drove both the Tyrrell Ford-Cosworth 004 and 005.
Best regards and a merry Christmas.
Guido: Thank you for your comments, I'll have a look and update the pages with your comments.

2012-10-31 Amilton Silva A from Brasil:
faltam, os carros de ayrton senna de 1992 e 1993, respectivamente.
Guido: Desculpe apenas as imagens nas páginas dos carros de Ayrton Senna
em 1992 e 1993 estão disponíveis, e não alta resolução.

2012-10-03 Alexander F from Kazakhstan:
Hi Guido, my name is Alexander and I'm from Kazakhstan. I liked your site.
a lot of useful information about Formula 1. I'm also fond of the history of Formula 1. I can give you more information for your page.
This side views of the little-known racing teams such as: AGS, Amon,Andrea Moda, Apollon,Aston Martin, Bellasi, Cisitalia, Coloni,Connew, etc..
I would be happy if I can help you. Sincerely. Alexander Fedotov
Guido: Thank you for sharing this, I have update some pages with the images you provided

2012-09-10 Romain F from France:
Hello, I am chief editor of fan-f1.com. We would like to use your illustrations about F1 cars (2012 and archives).
It is possible ? It is your copyright ? Thanks a lot, Romain M
Guido: Thank you but the artwork is not mine and I don't own the copyright of them.

2012-03-22 Peter from The Netherlands:
Hey Guido, Ben ik weer :) (heb je al eerder om herkomst plaatjes gevraagd),
ik zag dat je mooie plaatjes had van F1 wagens uit 2012. Hoe kom je hieraan? Mvg Peter
Guido: De afbeeldingen van 2012 zijn ingescanned uit een Engels Formule 1 tijdschrift.

2012-02-28 Rich McC from USA:
just seen your list of McLaren f1 cars must make a point you show mclaren m19 for 1969 should be for 1971
m19 also you show no mclaren m14 and you show the mclaren m7 for teo many years thanks
Guido: Thank you, I update the pages.

2012-02-15 Cep from Indonesia:
Hi, sir. Big up for your formula 1 cars gallery! Did you make all of them by yourself?
May I print them on shirts? Thanks.
Guido: Thank you Cep! No, I don't make the images myself, so I don't own any copyrights.

2011-03-07 Jack from France:
Your formula-1 are wonderful. Especially keep it up, we want more. Thanks very much for your work.
Guido: Thank you! I hope to update the pages every year!

2010-01-30 Harry M from United Kingdom:
When are you posting the 2010 F1 cars?
Guido: The pages are normally updated close to the first Grand Prix of the season,
when the latest artwork becomes available.

2009-12-08 Mike from Spain:
Thank you so much for the excellent webpage you have...
it's great to see and check how F1 cars have evolved throughout history.
Simply wonderful.
Keep on working man. Cheers from Spain, Mike
Guido: Thank you, I'll enjoy them as well ;-)

2009-11-17 Jack from France:
Vos dessins de formule 1 sont magnifiques. Vous avez toute mon admiration. Bravo Monsieur.
Guido: Merci bien!!

2009-10-22 Frank H from Nederland/China:
Hallo Guido, Bij toeval op je gewelige collectie auto's gestuit, prachtig! Ik heb er een aantal van
gebruikt om voor mijn F1 dvd's covers te maken, maar alleen voor eigen gebruik, dus maak je geen zorgen.
Ik vind de stijl van presenteren van de auto erg mooi, geen foto maar een echt stukje art.
Nu heb ik de vraag of het mogelijk is ergens de Footwork-Honda van 1993 te vinden.
Ik heb misschien met mijn neus gekeken, maar zag geen Footwork bij de merken staan.
Als die er niet is, is het mogelijk deze te maken? Bij voorbaat dank! M.v.g. Frank H Shanghai, China
Guido: Dank je! Afbeeldingen zijn gevonden online en sommige ingescanned uit F1 magazines. The Foodwork autos vindt je onder Arrows.

2009-10-14 Nasir H from USA:
Hi Guido, Just came across your website. Any photo of Senna and his yellow helmet gives me chills.
I am a life long F1 fan, living in San Francisco area now but originally from Pakistan.
I publish an historic F1 calendar thru www.saison73.com and the 2010 edition is coming before the month is over,
theme is La Dolce Vita, a tribute to red machines of Italy.
I am also involved in a podcast on www.f1weekly.com and you can listen to my interviews with Mansell, Andretti, Moss etc, if interested.
Zandvoort, what history from 1970 and 1973. I took a day trip there few years back.
I also took a day drive from Copenhagen to see Anderstorp, home track of my childhood hero Ronnie Peterson.
All the best, racing regards. Nasir
Guido: Thank you! Great sites you have!

2009-09-30 reddit.com: Spotters guide style pictures of pretty much every F1 car, ever.
Great web-site ! All the cars and all the paint schemes. Wow. You can see the 1995 Sauber looks just like the current Red Bulls.
Looking at a long time competitor such as Ferrari, it's fascinating to see how the Formula One car has evolved over time.
Who knows what they will look like in five, ten years time?
Holy shit! I thought this was amazing and then realized it is
not only sortable by team, it is sortable by driver!
This is fantastic, excellent find Willum. It's unbelievable that this was initially trapped in the auto-spam filter!

2009-09-20 Oliver from GBR:
Do you have the F1 picture for the 1991 Lamboghini 191? You have a nice collection of pictures there.
Guido: Only the 1992 Larrousse Venturi Lamborghini. Sorry.

2009-09-12 Dennis D from United States:
Hi, Can I use a couple of your profiles in my Grqnd Prix Cars section? Here: http://www.grandprixhistory.org/rcg.htm, Dennis
Guido: Hi, images and profiles are not mine, just found online and collected together. Great website about Grand Prix history!!

2009-08-10 Orbert from Hungary:
Sorry, but Team Brawn F1 2009 Nummers are 22 and 23.
Guido: Thank you! I will update the pages.

2009-06-22 Ljubomir I from Serbia:
formula one/teams/ferrari
1973. Ferrari have two 312 b3 models.
1973. Drivers: Jacky Ickx, Arturo Merzario, only.
1974. Drivers: Niki Lauda, Clay Regazzoni, only.
formula one/drivers/wold champions
1969. matra simca ms120b not corect.
1969. matra ford ms80 is corect.
Driver Jackie Stewart
Best Regards Ljubomir I
Guido: Thank you for your feedback! I'll have a look and see if I need to update the pages.
Please bear in mind that in the past, the constructors and teams were not the same.
A Ferrari car could be run by another team than Ferrari. This is no longer allowed since, I think 1974.

2009-05-01 Billy from England:
Hi, great site. Love the cross-referencing. Did you do the artwork?
Guido: Thank you, artwork is not mine, unfortunately...

2009-03-21 Peter from The Netherlands:
He Guido, Hoe kom jij aan de plaatjes van de f1 wagens uit 2009? En verwacht je ze ook van 2009 te kunnen krijgen?
Guido: Plaatjes gevonden online of ingescanned uit F1 magazines. 2009 komt binnenkort.

2009-01-27 Arturo F from Mexico:
Congratulations Guido. VERY NICE & HUGE EFFORT, thanks for this superb site.
Motor Racing is my passion, and I make good drawings of racing cars.
Specially car related to mexican story as the Ferrari & Maserati México, the Panamericana racers, F1s that won the mexican GP and SPECIALLY, the Rodríguez brothers Sports & F1 cars (also some historic F1s & large list of Lotus- my all life team by hearth even its gone nowdays and in their bad days I still wore my Lotus T shirt proudly!!!).
Where did you got those fabulous F1 side drawings? Some time ago a French site had them but now its gone (F1 Legend I think it was called)... they are so accuratte love `em.
Why not making the same with the 24 hrs of Le Mans winners cars... I have several drawings that may help you: Pedro Rodríguez, my racing hero, did it in 1968, I am member of a Racing Historic Association in México... last year we brought a conmemorative plaque wich I designed for the 40 anniversary of Pedro´s victory with L Bianchi).
Would you like to receive some of my material?
Best regards from the city with more musuems in the World: México City (we who live here call it Federal District -Distrito federal in Spanish, as its the Republic´s capital) Cheers or saludos Amigo!!!. af2
Guido: Thank you. Artwork and the drawings of the F1 cars are not mine, unfortunately.
The French F1 Legend website has been a inspiration for me, but it is no longer

2008-12-14 Fernand from France:
Hello, I am a link manager of a site and I consider the opportunity to purchase links on your Web site - http://www.fijen.net
I will be very grateful to you if you tell me how a text link or banner on your site will cost. Thank you in advance
Guido: Thank you for your e-mail, but I am not interrested in adding banners on my website.

2008-11-06 Jordan from USA:
Will you be bringing back your F1 car list soon? I really love it.
Guido: Thank you! Updates expected in march 2009, after the first Grand Prix.

2008-08-18 Paul B from UK:
Great site. The amount of work you've put into this is amazing. If possible I'd like to link to your site from my forum.
Would you be OK with that? I would of course credit you whenever your site is linked/used. Let me know. Regards, Paul
P.S. We're always looking for new members so feel free to join the forum.
Guido: Thank you! Linking is free! ;-)

2008-07-09 Christopher K L from Philippines:
I just would like to thank you for making this site. I was looking for F1 model cars and this site really helped me.
I'm a big formula 1 fan. Though here in the Philippines formula 1 is not that popular than sports like basketball.
It is my dream to watch a grand prix weekend, unfortunately though I don't have the funds. Anyways I just would like to say thank you and keep it up.
Guido: Thank you!

2008-06-11 Angela G from Italy:
Hi Guido, we ineidentally found your web and saw that you have some nice drawings of F1 cars.
Do you happen to be the proprietor ?
We are an Italian publisher of specialized books (polease see our web-site) and we could be interested
in evaluating a sort of cooperation on the use of such drawings.
Thank you for writing to me. Best regards, Angela G.
Guido: Thank you for your mail. Unfortunately I am not the proprietor of the drawings of F1 cars as publiced on my website.
Information about who is the creator of the drawings I don't have.

2008-04-29 Alex S from Brazil:
My name is Alex, I'm from Brazil, and I am formula 1 fan since 1975.
I want to congratulate you for your F-1 link in your site, with f1 cars drawings, I found fantastic. I will help to illustrate my site, that is under construction now. Thank you.
I would like to know, if those drawings of the cars, are your creation, or if you found in the internet,
the same if you know where they exist plus, because I repred that they lack some f1 cars models,
and teams (as Parnelli, Merzario). I would be very happy for the answer. Hugs from Brazil
Guido: Thank you!! Unfortunately I am not the creator or the owner of the drawings of F1 cars as publiced on my website.

2008-03-30 Jack B from France:
MJ'ai trouvé le site que je cherchais depuis longtemps. Le référencement de toutes les formules 1 en images.
Merci et un grand bravo pour votre travail. Amitiés.
Guido: Merci merci!

2007-12-27 Pawel from Poland:
Hello i see your F1 Teams Gallery its great but were are Simtek and Pacyfic F1 teams?
Guido: Thank you, but I have no good artwork for these constructors, so thats why they are not in there.

2007-09-05 Marco from Italy:
Hi. I want to know if I can use some of your F1 images in my f1 models site www.tramozmodels.it.
Obviously with written that they are of your property. I am sorry for my bad english. Many Thanks Marco
Guido: Thank you, but I am not the owner of the great artwork.

2007-07-09 Martin from Germany:
Hi Guido, great archive of F1 cars on your f1-teams site!!
Found your website while googling Cooper T73. Congratulations, great site. Best, Martin
Guido: Thank you!

2007-04-03 Gerrit from Belgie:
Hallo, waar vind je al die prachtige tekeningen van Formule 1 wagens??
Guido: Artwork is online gevonden en verzameld!

2006-11-23 Mark FJ from USA:
Hello Mr. Guido, Thank you very very much for your beautiful website.
See, for a long time, I was searching for good side profile art of F1 cars. I found them here!
They are so nice thank you for posting them! Thank you for your great generosity!
Guido: Thank you!!

2006-10-12 Yaper from Poland:
Hi Guido. I like very much your pages about f1 team cars. Nice job.
It will be good to prepare pages with carsets for the past years. Just like you did for year 2006.
Guido: Thank you!! Pages from 1950 till 2005 will be coming soon!


Sources: www.formula1.com / en.wikipedia.org
Artwork: Google